Corrugated Scored Sheets

Corrugated Scored Sheets in Wisconsin


When scores are placed in a Pad, the Pad becomes a Scored Sheet. Scored Sheets are easily folded into the shape you want. The scoring can also make the sheet easy to wrap around a product or allow the sheet to fit into a certain shaped box. Scored Sheets can be used as void fillers and for structural support. They can be manufactured to fill just about any space and are available in all grades of corrugate.

At Innerpak of Wisconsin, all of our Score Sheets are scored and die cut – without the cost of cutting dies to you!

Scored Sheets produced have clean cut edges and are dust free – no jagged edges or sawing dust. Corrugated Scored Sheets can also have a part number embossed at no charge.

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  • Die-cut quality without the cost of cutting dies
  • Clean and virtually dust free
  • Packed in cartons or bundled for shipping purposes
  • Able to emboss part numbers


  • ECT 26 – B Flute, C Flute
  • 150# Mullen Value – B Flute, C Flute
  • ECT 32 – B Flute, C Flute
  • 200# Mullen Value – B Flute, C Flute
  • ECT 44 – C Flute
  •  275# Mullen Value – C Flute
  • ECT 48 – BC Flute
  • 275# Mullen Value – BC Flute
  • ECT 51 – BC Flute
  • 350# Mullen Value – BC Flute
  • ECT 82 – BC Flute
  • Other grades and flutes are available
  • Options include: Mottled White, Nomar 70, Michelman, ESD Coating
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