Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard box partitions in Wisconsin

(Inserts – Box Dividers) - Assembled Partitions

Chipboard Partitions are one of the most versatile packaging components used today to ship your products safely and efficiently. They are also used in displays to help keep items organized while being presented. As part of our customer service, we will design and sample the right partition for your application implementing various types of in stock material and features. Using our equipment which possesses the most advanced technology in the industry today, we will be able to produce your assembled partitions on time – every time without costly tooling charges normally associated with partitions. We are also able to emboss or print part numbers on most partitions.

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  • Die-cut quality
  • Clean and virtually dust free
  • Variable heights or V-notches for ease of product removal
  • Fully assembled
  • Collapsed for ease of shipment to you
  • Various slot designs to help keep the partition together
  • Able to emboss or print part numbers on most partitions


  • Plain Chipboard
  • Wax Chipboard
  • Poly Coated Chipboard
  • MCS
  • SBS
  • Others available
  • Protect products during packaging and shipping
  • Require less warehouse space than corrugated partitions
  • Eliminate the need for individual wrapping of products
  • Can be easily designed to ship any awkwardly shaped product
  • Help maintain accurate shipping quantities during your packaging process
  • Are made of 100% recycled material and are recyclable
  • Typically cost less than corrugated partitions


  • Automotive
  • Canning and Bottling
  • Cosmetic
  • Electronic
  • Food and Produce
  • Foundries
  • Glass and Ceramic
  • Hardware Manufacturing
  • Injection Molding
  • Manufacturers of Precision Parts
  • Metal Stamping
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wine and Beverage
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