New Partition Assembler
We are pleased to announce the addition of a new partition assembler to our line of state of the art equipment production equipment. This partition assembler can assemble partitions made of corrugated and chipboard materials and is equipped with an automatic partition knock down feature and a quality inspection system disassembler increases our capacity to provide assembled partitions to our customers on time - every time.
ESD Protective Coated Assembled Partitions and Other Inner-Packaging Items

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Protection or Dissipative Protection may be needed for assembled partitions of other inner-packaging items used to ship electronic items such as computers and circuit boards. The ESD coating can be applied to corrugated material. The ESD Dissipative Coating is black in color, non-toxic, and is reusable and recyclable. Please contact our customer service department to learn more.
Shorten the Sales Cycle
Are you looking to shorten your sales cycle? Would you like to close an order more quickly? Innerpak of Wisconsin has a design department that can quickly create your customer's sample using our in-house CAD system. Also, in continuing with our unmatched customer service, Innerpak of Wisconsin provides this service free of charge.

When working with a new customer or project, providing a custom sample FAST can strengthen your business working relationship. A sample can not only move the selling process along, it can be a great tool to close the sale.

So, request your custom samples today and experience the Innerpak of Wisconsin Customer Service Difference!
Innovative Products Require Innovative Packaging
According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, consumer product manufacturers are changing their packaging. Makers of dishwasher detergent and fabric freshener are dressing up their packaging in the hope that consumers will showcase the bottles when they're not using them. Specifically, P&G designed the bottles of fabric freshener to be similar in height to candles and figurines to better coordinate with consumers' home furnishings.

According to Jerry Kathman, chief executive of LPK, a brand-design agency that focuses on the consumer-products industry. "Design is becoming something consumers will now choose over efficacy."

These innovative package designs will require updated inserts and boxes for your customers. Ask about new product launches. Are your customers prepared to ship these redesigned products? How can you and Innerpak of Wisconsin help to provide an innovative, cost-effective product? Contact our sales professionals at 1-800-844-2137 or for more information.
Hat Creek Clearly Sees the Advantages of Innerpak of Wisconsin
For the past few years, Hat Creek Candle, a U.S. candle manufacturer, had been supplied with inner-packaging that was dusty and jagged on the edges. When the candles were shipped, the dust would adhere to the glass jars and the customer would receive a product that was covered in dust.

Hat Creek now has inner-packaging supplied by Innerpak of Wisconsin. Innerpak uses an innovative technology to provide die cut quality products without the cost of cutting dies. The new packaging contributes to a cleaner product for Hat Creek Candles!

Don't sell your product short by using inferior inner-packaging...Make your product the statement of quality by using the best available inner-packaging from Innerpak Of Wisconsin.
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